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Purdon Lab

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About Us

We are a neuroengineering lab focused on brain dynamics, brain health, and the neural mechanisms of anesthesia. Our research aims to understand the brain dynamics of aging, Alzheimer’s disease, child development, sleep, anesthesia, and consciousness.  We use this knowledge to develop novel technologies for brain monitoring and physiological control.  We also teach anesthesiologists how to use EEG to provide personalized anesthesia care.

Free CME Credit

You can now receive free CME credit with our online Anesthesia EEG course!

Visit the International Anesthesia Research Society (IARS) website for more information.

We are Hiring

The Purdon Lab is Hiring!

Please visit our Open Positions page for more information.

Contact Information

Purdon Lab
3145 Porter Drive
Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA