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Postdoctoral Scholar

The Purdon Lab at Stanford University, School of Medicine pursues research at the intersection of medicine, neuroscience, and engineering to advance basic science, develop innovative medical technologies, and improve patient care.  We are seeking talented and highly motivated postdoctoral fellows with a background in signal processing, statistics, machine learning, and related fields.  The problems we are investigating include:

  • Characterizing the neural correlates of consciousness and unconsciousness under anesthesia using human intracranial neurophysiology (ECoG, LFP, spiking) and high-density EEG
  • Developing novel algorithms to monitor brain states during general anesthesia
  • Characterizing the neural mechanisms of anti-nociception (pain control) during general anesthesia and developing novel methods to monitor anti-nociception
  • Develop algorithms to identify drug-induced brain states in substance overdose patients using the EEG
  • Develop algorithms to characterize brain health and identify pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease using neuroimaging and EEG data
  • Develop novel neural signal processing and EEG/MEG source localization algorithms

All interested individuals should send their CV directly to Dr. Purdon ( as well as the lab manager ( 

Clinical Research Coordinator Associate

The Purdon Lab is looking for clinical research coordinator associates with backgrounds in neuroscience, psychology and/or those with clinical experience. Currently, we are recruiting for our Alzheimer’s studies focused on both overnight sleep and resting state high-density EEG data recordings.

Interested individuals should reach out to the lab manager ( who can then direct you to the job listing to apply.

Students/Summer Interns

We may have opportunities for students interested in learning more about the EEG and clinical applications spanning topics such as brain health, anesthesiology, Alzheimer's Disease, and the opioid crisis.

Interested individuals should reach out to the lab manager ( with their resume and cover letter expressing their motivations to work in the lab.

Purdon Lab Team